The auction has now closed.

Please do not submit any more bids because they won’t be counted.

We’ll be back tomorrow with the total raised and to let the winning bidders know what they need to do next. (Please don’t do anything until you hear from us!)

Thank you so much for all your incredible support.

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  1. sheila compton

    Hello I did not realise I needed to keep refreshing my screen to post a comment. Was trying to add 200 for Samira Osman to the bid by David Wastell which included me, . Is there any chance she would do another visit for 200?Sheila Compton

    From Sheila Compton

    Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 20:24:16 +0000 To:

  2. Thanks everyone. Looking forward to paying up and posting out. And thanks to all those who bid on my two lots. So pleased that both have raised so much money.

  3. Hi. I know bidding stopped at 8pm so I made sure I got my last bid on a set if books I really want just before then but then someone bid exactly ON 8pm. Who is the winning bid? I’m just a bit confused :/ Lol Thanks, Rachel

  4. Paul Greefield

    Godd morning. I feel a pit peeved (as others) that at 7:51 I bid £725 and was immediately outbid at £850. At 7:59 I tried to bid again and was prevented with a message that essentially said I was bidding too frequently. Would you mind asking Curtis Brown if they would host two events and I will put £900 into the charity? I know this is extra work for them but would be so grateful. Many thanks and well done for raising so much money.

  5. Sorry about that Paul, we’ll look into it.

  6. John Taylor

    Same confusion as rachybee. Last bid says 8.00 on number 235.

  7. John Taylor

    :/ Money will still go that way anyway, so you might want to up your total. On lot 228, all three of us are going to pay and meet BJWalsh: does this alter how we pay on the website?

    • Thanks, John. No, I’ve got a note of £60 + £60 + £50 for lunch with Barry. As long as you let us know what it’s for when you send your receipt, that’s fine. (Great, in fact!)

  8. dolores a livingston

    congrats to all the winners; this was fun even though i was outbid on #89

  9. Chantelle

    Hi can you tell me please if I was the winning bid on Gavin Extence signed proof of The Universe verses Alex Woods.

  10. Chantelle

    Hi don’t worry, I found out. Didn’t realise the postings were still on the site

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