Grand total!

You’ve raised…


for the Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan appeal.

Thank you so much. You’re amazing.

The original plan was to email the highest bidders with all the information they need to finalise their bid, but first we’re going to put the details up on the site to try to cut down on admin as much as possible.

We’ll keep updating this site with information to try to make the next steps easiest for everyone.

Donors – once the bidders have done their bit, we’ll be in touch with you with the information about how to contact them and/or send off your item.

* This may change once some bids have been finalised and we’ve had a chance to double-check our sums!

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  1. Julia Hodgkins

    Wow – well done to you for organising it all.

  2. catdownunder

    Thankyou – I couldn’t bid on anything but, as I said elsewhere, I have been working with some of the people who went to help and I know how much that sort of money can do to help. You are an amazing lot! Muchas gracias!

  3. Oh. My God. That is AMAZING!! How utterly fantastic! Massive congratulations all round 🙂

  4. Amazing, when you posted the tweet I imagined about half this amount and I thought that would be impressive!

    Big thanks to the organisers, all of the authors for mind blowingly great prizes, and of course the bidders…who had fun and helped people.

    Hugs all round

  5. Fab! Congratulations, all x

  6. Utterly amazing. So many congrats to Keris, Keren, Candy and all who helped. I’m very proud to have been even a small part of this wonderful effort.

  7. Helen Bonney


  8. Nicolette

    A brilliant idea, and many congratulations to the organisers, and thanks to those who made offers and especially to the bidders. I hope it makes a real difference to people.

  9. Zoe

    Congratulations all how utterly wonderful!

  10. Amazing total, well done to everyone and isn’t it wonderful how generous writers and people connected with the publishing industry are?

  11. Bravo everyone – and big thanks to the organisers and the bidders –

  12. Congratulations to everyone and thanks to the people who organized this and those donating the prizes. Wonderful work.

  13. Hurrah! And thank you so much for all the hard work you put into making this happen!

  14. Martin Sharp

    I’m really happy to have won with my bid and to support such a great cause. Well done to all who bid and thanks to those who organised and donated prizes

  15. livvielou

    That’s a huge amount…thank you to all the donors…the “prizes” were simply outstanding…congrats to the organisers too.

  16. John Taylor

    Thank you so much for arranging this, and thank you to all the generous donors. Brilliant!

  17. gmaeaquino

    congratulations! speaking as a Filipina, thank you so much for all your generosity.

  18. Thank you for all your hard work – we did the easy bit, but you must have worked your socks off with this. It’s a fantastic sum.

  19. Superb work, thanks to everyone who bid and to the tireless organisers who also created this opportunity.
    I felt lucky to be able to help in some small way.

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  21. Julia Anderson

    Fantastic idea for a worthwhile cause. Thanks for organizing, and thanks to all those who offered writerly gifts.

  22. What an achievement to have raised this amazing amount. Well done, Keris, Keren and Candy for organising it so well, and thanks to everyone who donated and bid. I am so glad to have played my small part in such a worthwhile endeavour.

  23. emmapass

    That is fantastic! Congratulations and thanks to all involved – what an amazing achievement!

  24. Fionnuala

    Wow… Just wow x

  25. Proud to have played my small part and mahoosive congrats to everyone. Special thanks to Keris for her astounding hard work.

  26. Viv Hampshire

    Can we have some basic info now about how to pay please?

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