When does bidding start?
Bidding opened at 8am GMT on Wednesday 13 November, but it has now ended.

When does bidding end?
Bidding ended at 8pm GMT on Wednesday 20th November.

How will I know if I’ve won? 
You can check the comments box to see if yours was the highest bid. But don’t worry, we’ll be contacting the winning bidder with all the information they need to finalise their bid. (Please don’t make any payment to the Red Cross until you have had an email from us confirming that you were the highest bidder.)

Can I add Gift Aid when I donate? You’ll make more money that way, won’t you?
No, sorry. Gift Aid doesn’t apply when you actually receive something in return for your donation (which, of course, you are in the case of an auction).

How will the people who have donated items for auction know where to send the item to?
When the winning bidder has been notified, paid their donation to the British Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Appeal and emailed us the receipt as proof of payment, we will notify the author and give them the delivery/other relevant details.

How do we know you’re not going to steal the money? 
Because we won’t have anything to do with the money – it will be paid directly to the Red Cross.

Who’s behind this site?
In March 2011, author Keris Stainton set up an online auction following the tsunami in Japan (and inspired by Authors for Queensland). The auction raised over £12,000. Author Keren David suggested another auction to help the people of the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan.

Do you have a badge I can add to my blog? 

Certainly! Thank you.




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  2. Is it too late to donate?

  3. No. Items are being added all the time. Thanks, Allan.

  4. Please can I donate an original Shifty McGifty & Slippery Sam drawing? Where do I send to?

  5. I would like to donate signed picture books and a reading of one of them via Skype to the child of the winner’s choice. But when I go to “Donate Items,” I find “comments closed.” Please direct me to the correct place to donate. I’d like to help. Thanks!

  6. Rachel

    Hi there!

    Just stumbled upon this event and I think it’s fantastic! Thank you all for being so kind and generous 🙂 I have a question…,

    -I know you said us international peeps can participate but if we win the auction we bid on will we be expected to pay for delivery of the winning item? I’m only asking cos as much as I’d like to participate I don’t know if I can necessarily afford my bid PLUS delivery to Australia.


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  8. Patricio

    I am from Argentina, can I pay via Paypal the bid and the shipping of the book after I win?

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  10. Is it too late to offer something up? I’d like to offer a free secondary school visit anywhere in London with two signed copies of my book and supporting/follow-up materials for the visit.

  11. How old do you have to to bid? I’m 17 years old witha debit card.

  12. For most of the items, the person who donated the item will pay for shipping. Where this isn’t the case, it will say so in the description.

  13. I want to just say thank you to you for organising this. So wanted to do something but couldn’t work out how or who to send money to or what to do. So really please to have this whole structure organised and set up. I know it can’t be easy. So thanks you.

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  15. Thanks, Jackie. And thank you for your generous donations. Keris x

  16. Davina Newton

    I am trying to work out when the bidding ends in my timezone. Is the auction run from London? And also does it matter if I write the word pounds instead of using the symbol as I don’t have the pounds sign on my keyboard?

  17. David Wastell and Fiona Turner

    We were beaten to it for an author’s visit to a school in closing minute but Samira Osman has kindly agreed to make an extra visit in return for our donating what would have been our final bid. Can we make the payment through whatever is your system so it is logged and we get the receipt to send her, or do we need to do it entirely separately?

  18. Davina Newton

    Hi, can you advise on how long it is before we get the final confirmation for any auctions that were won. I’m worse than a child waiting up for Santa to find out whether I’ve got it… 🙂

    • Hi Davina! Sorry, I’m replying as fast as I can. I know you’ve won a few though 🙂

      • Davina Newton

        Keris, it’s ok, You just confirmed for me that you have everything you need. You are doing such a great job and not an easy one. I will be patient, just excited as we don’t have these types of things here well at least I don’t think we do. You have done an amazing job. Do you know how much you have raised?

  19. Hi Davina – we raised over £55,000 in total and over £20,000 has been paid to the appeal already. And thank you for your patience! 🙂

  20. Mary Ann

    Hi, I have yet to be contacted although it appears I had the winning bid. Are you still in the process of advising winners? Thank you!

    • Hi Mary Ann. We are, I’m afraid. We’re probably about halfway through. Hope to have contacted everyone by the end of this week at the latest. Thanks for your patience.

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