It’s four months since the auction opened and the admin is finally done. All the donations have been made and the final total figure donated to the Red Cross is


Thank you so much, again, to everyone. Everyone who donated items, everyone who bid on items, everyone who tweeted and shared and supported the auction. Thank you.

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YA writer. Voracious reader. Feminist. Home educator. Addicted to tea and Twitter.


  1. And well done and thank you to all of you amazing organisers! x

  2. rebuhas

    An outstanding achievement thanks for all your effort and those who helped make it happen!

    Adrienne Huber Sent from my iPhone


  3. Absolutely astounding – well done to all the wonderful organisers, the fab donating authors, and all the amazing and generous bidders. I hope the Red Cross will use the money wisely and well.

  4. Well done, Keris, a great achievement, you should be proud.

  5. a brilliant achievement, well done for such an amazing effort in making this happen

  6. A great idea and fantastic achievement. Well done to all the authors for donating and particularly well done Keris and anyone else involved in the organising. I was very impressed with my win, especially knowing it was all for a good cause.

  7. Thanks so much, everyone!

  8. Thank you so very much for this. Can’t believe what you (what we!?) have all achieved!

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