Hello! Thought it was time for an update…

We’ve received confirmation of donations to the Red Cross of £57,177.10 (on 567 items) which is obviously utterly brilliant.

A few people didn’t pay and so we’ve been offering the items to the other bidders and that is still ongoing (not many left now).

Thank you again for your incredible support for the auction.

About K

YA writer. Voracious reader. Feminist. Home educator. Addicted to tea and Twitter.


  1. Claire Sherwood

    I didnt get notification of outstanding items ???

    Well done on such a massive amount raised !!!

  2. I’m still offering them to the previous bidders, Claire. If there are any that no one’s interested in at all, I’ll let you know, but it’s likely to only be one or two, I think. Thanks!

  3. Yellow Rose

    Awesome cause! THANK YOU again for organizing! : )

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