482: Editorial meeting and written report from literary agent Rowan Lawton

Rowan_websiteITEM: Rowan Lawton is offering an editorial meeting and written report to discuss your adult novel. She will read a minimum of 100 pages in preparation.

BIO: Rowan is a literary agent and the co-founder of Furniss Lawton – a literary agency which is part of the James Grant Group. She previously spent 10 years agenting at WME and PFD and represents writers of both fiction and non-fiction and her taste is wide-ranging. On the fiction side Rowan’s clients include bestselling women’s fiction writer Lindsey Kelk, and a number of debut novelists, including Emylia Hall, author of The Book of Summers, a Richard & Judy 2012 Book Club selection and one of the bestselling debuts of 2012.

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  1. Mrs H

    Hi Rowan. This sounds great – is there a time limit on it? My WiP needs more W and P first!

  2. Night Writer


  3. Night Writer

    260 GBP

  4. Cat Wallis


  5. Scheherazade

    £320, sorry Cat..

  6. Luke

    Quick question, please. Does it have to be a novel or can it be a collection of short stories?

  7. Night Writer

    331 GBP

  8. Luke

    I’ll bid £345. Sorry!! Such a great cause!! And who needs to save for a holiday next year?!

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