475: Signed original illustration by Jane Hissey

ITEM: Signed original illustration by Jane Hissey

Ruby mouse by Jane Hissey aw

DETAIL: The image is a signed original piece of artwork (coloured pencils) of Ruby the Mouse from Jane’s latest title in the much-loved Old Bear series, Ruby, Blue and Blanket.

BIO: Jane Hissey’s beautifully illustrated picture books have been loved by children around the world for over 25 years. Her first book, Old Bear, was proclaimed a new children’s classic and since then Jane has gone on to write, and illustrate, over 20 more picture books. Jane has three grown-up children, Owen, Alison and Ralph, and lives in East Sussex with her husband Ivan, who is also an illustrator.

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  1. Jill Mansell

    £50 to start!

  2. Let’s not mess about now. £100

  3. £110.
    Just want to say how much I love your books and pictures and what a lot of enjoyment my children and I had from them.

  4. £120. Loved Jane Hissey and old Bear when my kids were little. Many cosy hours by the fire with Little Ted and Old Bear and Bramwell Brown.

  5. Andrew Doughty


  6. Alison J Glenday


  7. I love you, Jane Hissey.

  8. Hannah Love


  9. Hannah Love

    £230. Argh. Can’t really afford this but just to add to Jane Hissey love I was read Old Bear stories every night as a toddler. She’s the reason I wanted to learn to read myself! I just can’t pass up the chance!

  10. £250. Sorry, Hannah, but I can’t pass up the chance either – I love her work!

  11. Andrew Doughty


  12. Darran potter


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