472: Personalised signed books by Caitlin Moran

imagesITEM: Signed and personalised copies of Caitlin Moran’s best-selling books Moranthology and How to be a Woman

DETAILS:  ‘In HOW TO BE A WOMAN, I was limited to a single topic: women. Their hair, their shoes and their crushes on Aslan from The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (which I KNOW to be universal).

‘However! In my new book MORANTHOLOGY – as the title suggests – I am set free to tackle THE REST OF THE WORLD: Ghostbusters, Twitter, caffeine, panic attacks, Michael Jackson’s memorial service, being a middle-class marijuana addict, Doctor Who, binge-drinking, Downton Abbey, pandas, my own tragically early death, and my repeated failure to get anyone to adopt the nickname I have chosen for myself: ‘Puffin’.

‘I go to a sex-club with Lady Gaga, cry on Paul McCartney’s guitar, get drunk with Kylie, appear on Richard & Judy as a gnome, climb into the TARDIS, sniff Sherlock Holmes’s pillows at 221b Baker Street, write Amy Winehouse’s obituary, turn up late to Downing Street for Gordon Brown, and am rudely snubbed at a garden party by David Cameron –although that’s probably because I called him ‘A C3PO made of ham’. Fair enough.

‘And, in my spare time – between hangovers – I rant about the welfare state, library closures and poverty; like a shit Dickens or Orwell, but with tits.’

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  1. Andrew Doughty


  2. Elaine Worthington


  3. beth angell

    £100 –

  4. Elaine Worthington


  5. Catherine Stevens

    Love your books, can’t afford to outbid this!! I would love to let my 13 year old read ‘How to be a Woman’, but the language is a bit spicy!! However, I think it’s brilliant!! I took my three kids (three girls) to the Philippines (we have friends there) to celebrate our freedom from a git and it changed our lives..the people were so hospitable and kind, they were lovely….!!

  6. Noah McCormack


  7. Heather McAllister


    Please write

    Hey Heather,

    I’m still writing the fuck out of shit.


    Caitlin Moran

  8. Heather McAllister

    Forgot to say which book I want on last post.


  9. Nicole Good


  10. Nicole good

    £40 Moranthology please!!

  11. How many books are on offer? Can I bid £50 for a copy of Moranthology please.

  12. Dave Barter

    £110 for Moranthology

  13. Gill Harker

    Moranthology for fifty used oncers…..Inside;

    You have always been my inspiration,
    , Caitlin Moran.xxx

  14. I can only afford to go to £50 for Moranthology; ‘typical student’ as Paul Calf would say. Studying creative writing/lit and would love a signed copy with perhaps a way to contact you…I can’t say I’ve ever had sucess ‘with the ladies’ but this certainly is a low point for me, albeit towards a good cause! Cheers

  15. Stephanie Lear


  16. The lot is both books, i.e. please don’t bid on the books individually.

    The top bidder is currently Noah McCormack with £200 (for both!).

  17. Christopher Hounsom


  18. Lorraine King


    (Caitlin – My husband and I are HUGE fans of your writing and want to thank you for your promotion of what it means to be a feminist today. Your generousity and support of the Philippines recovery during this time is also admirable. Thank you!)

  19. Jen,

    £30 – Jen Carter

  20. Elaine Worthington

    Good grief! Do people not read the posts before posting their own? .

  21. Amy Glasman

    I’d love to give more but can’t really afford it. I’m a really big fan of you, Caitlin. I love your writing; you’re so witty! And I think you’ve done great things for modern day feminism.

  22. Elaine Worthington

    THE TOP BID IS £300 SO FAR. WHY ARE YOU BIDDING £30?????????

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