471: School science talk by Lucy Hawking

Lucy Hawking PLecture_9912ITEM: Lucy is offering to give her very popular schools’ talk where she takes the audience on a journey across the universe, asking all the big questions like what would it be like to be the first person on an empty planet? What would happen if we fell inside a black hole? And what we would say to an alien if and when we meet one? Ideal for primary schools full of curious minds.

(The school would need to be within a couple of hours of London.)

BIO: Author Lucy Hawking is the creator of the ‘George’ series of adventure novels which aim to make astrophysics, astronomy and cosmology entertaining and accessible to young readers. Working with a wide variety of scientists, including her physicist father, Stephen Hawking, Lucy has used story telling to introduce science to a primary age readership across the world.

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  1. Julia Hodgkins

    £30 to start it off

  2. Julia Hodgkins


  3. Andrew Doughty

    £50 for a school in N1

  4. £60 for a school in Southampton

  5. Julia Hodgkins

    £70 for a school in west London

  6. Kate

    Is a couple of hours from London ok if an hour flight from Gatwick to Guernsey? We’d pay travel too. Let me know so I can bid please!

  7. Julia Hodgkins


  8. Polly Faber

    Wahey! £100

  9. Lynne Cooper

    £200 (Oxfordshire)

  10. £275 very close to London

  11. Jean Allen

    £325 near Doncaster (1 hour 38 minutes from Kings Cross)

  12. Cat Wallis

    £350 for a south london primary

  13. Jean Allen

    £360 – still in Doncaster!

  14. Lynne Cooper

    £400 – Would love you to visit us in Burford, Oxfordshire

  15. Cat Wallis


  16. Annette Fynes-Clinton

    £450 We are in Elstree easy 25 min by train from St Pancras. Would really love a visit for our juniors and to help such a good cause

  17. Cat Wallis

    £475 – this is such an amazing auction that it seems churlish not to bid more!

  18. Lynne Cooper

    £500 – Burford School would still love you to visit. An incredible opportunity and such a good cause

  19. Cat Wallis


  20. Lynne Cooper

    £550 Lynne Cooper

  21. Cat Wallis

    £575…slightly scary

  22. Lynne Cooper

    £595 Lynne at Burford

  23. Cat Wallis


  24. Lynne Cooper


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