469: Your name in Laura Dockrill’s fourth Darcy Burdock book!

ITEM: Your name (or name of a person you choose) in Laura Dockrill’s fourth Darcy Burdock book!

Darcy Burdock by Laura Dockrill

Ten-year-old Darcy Burdock is one of life’s noticers. Curious, smart-as-a-whip, funny and fiercely loyal, she sees the extraordinary in the everyday and the wonder in the world around her.

In this first book, we are introduced to her family: Mum, who Darcy loves as much as her favourite fried egg and chips, Dad, who is kind and fair if a bit hopeless, and little siblings Hector and Poppy, who Darcy likes dressing up in ridiculous outfits and having dance-offs with, respectively. Plus there’s her non-bleating pet lamb, Lamb-Beth and best friend, Will, to have adventures with.

Darcy learns that turning into an angrosaurus-rex and causing chaos just gets her in trouble, trying to run away from home with a reluctant lamb in tow leads to sore kneebows, it’s best not to throw a massive strop just before your surprise birthday party, Hallowe’en is all about spider costumes and having a pumpkin with a wonky eye, and if she’s ever in a situation at home or at school where she’s not sure what to do, she should write a story around it and the truth will be illuminated by her imagination.

Laura DockrillBIO
‘Everyone’s falling for Laura Dockrill’ VOGUE

‘The world is so lucky to be invited into the colourful imagination of my favourite person! You’re going to have fun.’ ADELE

Not only author and illustrator of the Darcy Burdock series (Random House), Mistakes In The Background, Ugly Shy Girl and Echoes (Harper Collins), Laura also resurrects her words on the stage performing poetry and short stories spanning festivals to bookshops; including from the E4 Udderbelly, Latitude Festival and Glastonbury to The London Literary Festival, 5×15 and the BBC Proms. Named one of the top ten literary talents by The Times and one of the top twenty hot faces to watch by ELLE magazine, Laura continues to stir up the literary universe with her passionate, contemporary and imaginative way with words. She has performed her work on CBeebies, Newsnight, BBC Breakfast, Woman’s Hour and each of the BBC’s respective radio channels 1-6 and has been commissioned by Radio 1, 2 and 4. Laura is on the advisory panel at The Ministry Of Stories, has judged the John Betjeman Poetry Prize, is embarking on her fourth year of mentoring with the charity First Story and has been a BAFTA judge. She is currently working on her second book in the Darcy Burdock series, working on a film script and song writing (for others, of course!)

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