464: Critique on children’s/YA novel from literary agent Ben Illis

Ben Illis author event AZITEM: email critique on your YA or middle grade novel, with follow up call.

DETAIL: Please email cover letter, three chapters (50 pages max) and a brief synopsis (think back of book blurb, rather than blow by blow account).

BIO: Ben Illis runs The BIA, a literary agency specialising in YA and children’s fiction, and is a regular speaker at the Winchester Writer’s Conference, The Golden Egg Academy and the London Writer’s Group. His clients include 2013 Carnegie Medal nominees H.L.Dennis and Claire McFall (Claire is also short-listed for the Scottish YA Book Award and the Grampian YA Book Award); Fletcher Moss (Times/Chicken House Prize winner) and Lu Hersey (MsLexia Children’s Book Award winner)

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