463: A bundle of books signed by best-selling author Karen McCombie

karen-mccombieITEM: A bundle of books from best-selling children’s author, Karen McCombie, signed with a purple pen and love…

BIO: Karen McCombie has sold more than a million books worldwide, and is currently writing her 77th. She lives in north London with her very Scottish husband, extremely lovely daughter and beautiful but bitey cat.

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I write YA novels, I'm a journalist and I'm having a go at writing a musical.


  1. I’d like to start the bidding at £10!

  2. Julia Hodgkins


  3. Mike Wood

    Michael Wood £100

  4. Mike Wood

    my eldest son works for a bank in Manilla – he describes situation as utterly dire

  5. David Smith

    good luck with your auction Karen

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