458: Your name as the captain of a spaceship in the YA novel Julie Bertagna is currently writing, plus signed copies of her futuristic YA trilogy.

Aurora frontITEM: Your name as the captain of a spaceship in the YA novel Julie Bertagna is currently writing, plus signed copies of her futuristic YA trilogy.

DETAIL: Want to be captain of a spaceship? Not just any old spaceship – the first cosmic craft to venture into a new universe. Maybe you’d rather be a handsome/ beautiful alien? If so, I’ll rearrange the letters of your name into an alien alias and make a dedication in the book to your real name. Signed copies of my futuristic trilogy will also go to the winning bidder.

BIO: Julie Bertagna has written many acclaimed, award-winning books for young adults and children. Exodus, Zenith and Aurora were published in twenty-five countries and counting, so your name (alien or real) could travel the world as well as the universes!

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  1. Julee Sanderson

    Is there anyone who doesn’t want to captain a spaceship? £30

  2. Words fail me. £50 (worth so much more…)

  3. Mary Francis

    £75 Mary francis

  4. Ooh, fantastic bids – and names! Well done, you brilliant people.

  5. Basil Victor Woods

    Changed it to my sons name as it’s cooler

  6. Basil Victor Woods is an awesome name for a spaceship captain – much cooler than mine!

  7. Paula Clemett

    Dr Simon Clemett – to help in his work for NASA explaining space to schoolchildren. £125

  8. Come on guys, it’s a space ship! £200

  9. Paula Clemett

    You’re right, £500 for Dr Simon Clemett

  10. And I’ve just fainted…!

  11. Ha! Excellent – a proper intergalactic bid. I can’t compete I’m afraid but I’ll still pledge the £200 if someone tells me where to send it.

  12. What I could do – for anyone who still wants to contribute even if they don’t win the bid – is offer crew member names. It would probably only be a walk-on part, if I’m honest, but if you’d like that, Allan (or anyone else) that’s very generous and a great cause, of course. And your donation would go in the pot with all the others.

  13. Anon

    What’s the minimum you’d accept for a crew member? I’d love this as a Christmas present for my husband – could definitely afford £50, maybe a bit more, but we don’t have much disposable cash at the moment. Walk-on is fine, though obviously it wouldn’t be a great present if the crew member’s only function was to be laughed at or something!

  14. Julie – that would be super, thank you. I would be delighted with a walk-on part – there is honour in being a mere ‘red-shirt’

  15. The deal is I would never do anything disparaging with one of your named characters (I’ll save that for the invented ones) and if anything untoward happens to anybody in the book, I promise a heroic exit! (I wouldn’t kill off anybody who’s been given this as a gift – not nice.) Allan, that’s wonderful. Anon, as we’re doing this for the Philippines I think any decent offer gets you a crew member – and that’s a very generous one. Times are hard and all your generosity is very, very much appreciated. If I were to be suddenly overwhelmed by crew member offers before bidding closes tonight, it’ll be first come, first served, so all names here will have first option. Many thanks.

  16. And just to add, because I’m still writing this book, I can send hand-written letters of confirmation/ details in a Christmas card and signed books. If I have email/ addresses I’ll send copies when published.

  17. B Pendrigh

    I have a son who would be thrilled to be aboard if £50 is ok..?

  18. Just wanted to say, before bidding closes, that I think you people are amazing. Absolute stars! x

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