453: Winner of Gourmand Best Regional Cookbook: Morning Glory Farm, and the Family that Feeds an Island

Morning Glory Farm and the family that feeds an islandITEM: Morning Glory Farm, and the Family that Feeds an Island – a cookbook from Martha’s Vineyard

DETAILS: Morning Glory Farm of famous Martha’s Vineyard, started thirty years ago by a young husband and wife, has come to be the epicenter of fine, locally grown foods on this island seven miles off the coast of Massachusetts. Its rustic farm stand draws thousands of people during the six months of the year it is open – people who wait in lines for the farm’s hand-picked corn and just-baked pies. Chefs and restaurants brag about their use of the farm’s produce, touting it on menus and building whole meals around what it is available from its fields. It attracts the summer’s famous celebrities and the winter’s Island residents and is such a part of the Island’s lore that the local newspaper announces on page one when its first corn is ripe.
Now, in this thirtieth year, Morning Glory is still run by the same couple, with the help of two sons who work alongside them and a large and loyal crew.

Morning Glory Farm, and the Family that Feeds an Island captures in pictures and words both the work that is done on the farm and the food that has come to be synonymous with it. It was the winner in a Gourmand Best Award for the best regional cookbook in world-wide competition.

Retail price is $24.95

BIO: Vineyard Stories was founded in 2005 by the husband and wife team of Jan Pogue and John Walter. Both had years of experience in editing and publishing and held high-level jobs at some of the finest newspapers in the country. Ms. Pogue, who has carried on the business since her husband’s death in 2008, additionally has 20 years experience in book publishing.

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