445: Character name + signed books + swag from David Gatward

8-1-im-LeftPhoto-5219ITEM: Four signed books, signed swag and a character name in YA horror author David Gatward’s forthcoming book.

DETAIL: Copies of my DEAD trilogy, signed; Copy of DOOM RIDER, signed; Signed posters and postcards; Character name in the book I’m currently working on.

BIO: Most biographies, well the good ones anyway, seem to be found in obituaries. So, for this to work, you’re probably best to first of all try and imagine that I’m dead (and that I died in an astonishingly brave way, rescuing oh millions of people from an awful end.)

David Gatward spent a considerable part of his life confusing not just himself, but those around him. He spent most of his childhood and teenage years wondering what it would be like to be any one of the following (in no particular order): actor; musician; carpenter; army officer; writer; helicopter pilot, and highwayman.

He suffered the usual illnesses (measles, chicken pox, pizza-face acne) and, for an embarrassingly long period of time, was a bed-wetter. He saw his first ghost at 16. At 18 he had his first book published. And saw his second ghost. At 19 he went to college. Four years later, qualified to teach, he went in to publishing.

Managing his career with all the skill of a blind sea captain in a hurricane, he ended up in the civil service and ran away as soon as redundancy was offered. Writing took over, thanks to a couple of ghost-writing contracts and, quite to his own surprise, a book deal to write The Dead. The rest, as they say, is history…

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