443: Lunch in London with Isabel Costello from the Literary Sofa

Isabel Costello 2ITEM: Lunch in London with Isabel Costello from the Literary Sofa

DETAIL: I’m a novelist and I write the Literary Sofa blog. Each autumn I run a Literary Lunch competition where in exchange for naming their best read of the year, my blog readers are entered into a draw to for the chance to win lunch with me. For this extra lunch in aid of a good cause you don’t even need to do that! On a mutually convenient date between now and end of 2014, I will take the highest bidder for a very nice lunch in Central London (think Skylon, Le Deuxieme, Delaunay) and over good food and a glass of wine we can enjoy a chat about books, writing, travel – just about anything really! I look forward to your company whether or not we’ve met before.

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  1. This sounds wonderful … starting with £20

  2. OK Isabel, let’s do it finally! I bid £50 by way of a donation and I’d pay for my own lunch (so you can donate what you would have paid too, if you get my gist). I’d like to make it to the London Book Fair this year, so the week of 7th April would probably be it. Finger’s crossed.

  3. OK, I can’t go much higher in current circumstances, but I’ll match the £60 if you’re prepared to take us both on and Helen is OK with that (as the last highest bidder).

  4. Helen and Jane, You’re both very generous and thank you. Jane, not quite sure what you mean by ‘take us both on’ (take you both out to lunch?) but whatever it is, it’s fine with me if Helen agrees. I love meeting Twitter friends in real life.

  5. Yes, I was proposing a threesome for lunch if we’re all game (& I’ll pay for mine as I already mentioned, so it’ll just cost your time Isabel). That way the fund’ll get £120. Not sure how it’ll go if someone else bids, but let’s see what happens (& thanks for agreeing to share Helen).

  6. Fantastic! Well if you two win this lot I will donate the cost of your lunch Jane making it a really worthwhile sum. Thanks to you both and watch this space!

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