439: A name of your choice in Slammed!, the Pro-Wrestling Interactive Fiction Game

slammed_title1ITEM: Your name in Slammed!, the Pro-Wrestling Interactive Fiction Game by Manila-based author Paolo Chikiamco.

DETAILS: I have an interactive fiction piece/app that is already out, but if you help us get some aid to my countrymen, then via the magic of app updates, I can put your name/a name of your choice into the game in a variety of ways:

* I can add your real first name and surname to the list of possible options for player characters in Chapter 1.
* I can add a wrestling name of your choice to the list of possible options for player characters in Chapter 1 (just don’t ask me to put in a real pro wrestler’s name).
* I can change the name of one of the supporting characters (if you’ve played the game, the man or woman who are tormented with your former wrestling coach in one of the branches of the game) to your name.

BIO: Paolo Chikiamco is a writer for comics, prose and interactive fiction. He is the editor behind Rocket Kapre, an imprint and blog dedicated to publishing works of the fantastic by Filipino authors. He co-edited Kwentillion Magazine and is the editor of Alternative Alamat, which won Best Short Story Anthology in the first Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards. Paolo’s fiction has been published in Scheherazade’s Facade, Steampunk III: Steampunk Revolution, Lauriat and the Philippine Speculative Fiction series. His interactive fiction novel, Slammed!, a pro wrestling choose-your-own-adventure, was recently published by Choice of Games.

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  2. £20 – perfect birthday present for my daughter’s partner.

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