430: Editorial critique of a crime or thriller manuscript by Jade Chandler, editor at Sphere

Jade Chandler PhotoITEM: Editorial critique of a crime or thriller manuscript by Jade Chandler, editor at Sphere

DETAIL: An editorial critique of a crime or thriller fiction manuscript of up to 100,000 words via email. I will provide constructive advice on structure, style, characterisation and maintaining suspense within your manuscript.

BIO: I am a commissioning editor for crime and thriller fiction at Sphere Fiction, a commercial imprint at the Little, Brown Book Group. Amongst others, my list of authors includes Tania Carver, Stephen Booth, Jeff Abbott and Alex Gray.

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  1. Jackie

    Mine is sort-of a thriller (I’m selling it well), so I’ll start at £175

  2. julie-ann corrigan

    Psychological crime thriller – would that fit your bill?

  3. Jackie

    Julie-Ann – are you bidding against me? This will be fun for all of two bids until we run out of money!!!

  4. Jackie

    Of course, go for it, the higher the bid the better. 🙂

  5. julie-ann corrigan

    Is that you, Jackie? ha ha!

  6. julie-ann corrigan

    This is very funny!

  7. Jackie

    Yup, ’tis me. 😀

  8. Jackie

    Actually, we should be bidding, so I’ll say £180.

  9. Jade Chandler

    Thanks for bidding, guys! All types of thrillers welcome (psychological thrillers included).

  10. julie-ann corrigan

    Thanks Jade! £200

  11. Dan


    ~Dan (@90daysnovel)

  12. Jade Chandler

    Thanks everyone! Keep them coming for this important fundraising effort.

  13. julie-ann corrigan

    Jade, do you have a time limit on this donation? Thank you.

  14. Jade Chandler

    Hi Julie-Ann – The auction finishes tomorrow (Nov 20th) at 8pm (GMT). The date has been set by the auction administrator. Hope that helps!

  15. julie-ann corrigan

    Thanks, Jade. Sorry, not a very clear question. What I was asking (in a bad way!) is, do you have a time frame that you would want the MS within?

  16. julie-ann corrigan


  17. julie-ann corrigan


  18. Charlie Phillips


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