420: Books for writers by Lynne Hackles

ITEM: Books for writers by Lynne Hackles:

Ghostwriting-how to write for others (Aber Publishing)
Writing From Life (How To Books)
and Handy Hints for Writers (Compass Books)

ghostwriting cover Handy Hints Writing From Life

Ghostwriting – Who wants to earn a living writing? Now you can, by ghosting for others. There’s never been a better time to become a ghost. Just think of the possibilities – books, websites, pamphlets, blogs, social media outlets, copywriting… The list is endless.

Writing from Life – This book will show you how your own personal experiences can provide you with an endless supply of ideas for your writing – whether fiction or non-fiction. Sell a snippet of conversation, make money by sharing secrets, take your boss and best friend and come up with a new character, sell one event in your life to several markets, impart knowledge you didn’t think you had to people who didn’t know they needed it, use the emotions, traumas, joys and experiences of your own life to make your writing stronger, and more saleable.

Handy Hints for Writers is a book of tips, advice and encouragement for writers at all levels. Dip into it or read from start to finish and you will find something to inspire you, make you think, give you a kick-start or make you smile.

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