408: Copy of Dead Dudes by Cathy Hopkins x 6

!!d8NT-!BWM~$(KGrHqMOKkMEwP0G)l4kBMSCQtNipw~~_35ITEM: Copy of Dead Dudes by Cathy Hopkins. Six available.

DETAIL: Meet Dude Harris, a real dead teen rock star. Luckily with the help of some new ghostly pals, he discovers that the afterlife can be cool once you’ve grasped the rules. Ghosts aren’t sad, scary spookmeisters – from from it, they’re hip, happy and having a blast.

But where there’s a ghost, there’s a ghostbuster. Enter Sid Wiper, computer nerd and slime ball, whose mission is to wipe out the ghost common unity. And he’s found a way to do it. Dude and his mates set out to stop him – but is it too late?

BIO: Cathy has had 63 books published so far and principally writes for the teenage market where her books have been translated into 34 languages. Her five teen series to date are: the Mates Dates series, the Truth Dare series, the Cinnamon Girl series, the Zodiac Girl series and Million Dollar Mates. Cathy has also written standalone novels for teens: Dead Dudes, Love At Second Sight, and Playlist for a Broken Heart which will be published in May 2014.

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  1. Louise Kelly

    I’ll take one of the others for £10 too.

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