406: Your name as the name of a popular band in YA author Luisa Plaja’s next book

LuisaPlajaWBD2011-2ITEM: Your name (or the name of your choice*) as the name of a popular band in Luisa Plaja’s next YA book, which she is working on now. Ever fancied being a world-famous band, with hundreds of fans calling your name? Now’s your (fictional) chance… *(as long as it’s not too rude or anything). Luisa will also mention you in the acknowledgments.

Please note the publication date is not yet set for this novel.

BIO: Luisa Plaja is the author of several novels for teenagers, including Split by a Kiss, Swapped by a Kiss and Kiss Date Love Hate, published by Random House. Music tends to feature quite a lot in her books, so expect the adulation of many fictional fans.

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I write YA novels, I'm a journalist and I'm having a go at writing a musical.


  1. £30 from me. Always wanted to be in a band.

  2. My twelve year old twin nieces really like your books. If it could have both their names in, then can I bid £35? Thanks.

  3. Wow! Thank you for bidding!

  4. (And yes, Juliet, two names would be fine, too. Thank you!)

  5. £42. (Thanks Luisa. I think that you met them at a Bristol event to do with the library quite recently…)

  6. I remember lovely twins at the Bristol Library event! That’s wonderful – thank you very much again.

  7. They are indeed very lovely and I’m so lucky to be their auntie! Clare x

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  9. Mark Ebner

    £50 from us!

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