405: Signed copy of award-winning children’s book Sorrowline, by Niel Bushnell in English or German (X3)

sorrowlineITEM: Signed copy of Niel Bushnell’s award-winning children’s fantasy adventure, Sorrowline. Three available. (Three German editions also available.)

SYNOPSIS: Twelve-year-old Jack Morrow is used to life being complicated. His mother died five years ago and his father is now headed for prison. But then Jack discovers he’s a Yard Boy — someone with the ability to travel through Sorrowlines, the channels that connect every gravestone with the date of the person’s death – and he is quickly pulled into an adventure beyond anything he could have possibly imagined.

Finding himself in 1940s war-torn London, with his then-teenage grandfather, Davey, Jack soon realises that his arrival in the past has not gone unnoticed. The evil forces of a secret world are determined to find him – and to find out all he knows. As Jack struggles to survive, he comes ever closer to unlocking the dark secret at the heart of his family, and to – just maybe – changing his own destiny…

BIO: Niel Bushnell is a writer and artist from the North East of England. He began his career working as a comic artist before moving into animation on the feature films Space Jam and Lost in Space. He has also produced animation and illustrations for computer games, including Harry Potter and the Philosophers’ Stone. In 2002, Niel established Qurios, an animation and VFX studio which has contributed to many UK TV shows, including Spooks and Tracy Beaker Returns.

His first novel, a children’s fantasy adventure called Sorrowline, won a Northern Promise award at the Northern Writers Awards 2011. The award helped clinch a two-book publishing deal with Andersen Press for Sorrowline and its sequel, Timesmith. Rights to both have also been sold in Germany and Brazil.

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