402: Original artwork from Colin West’s ‘Monty’ series

photo(1)ITEM: A preliminary illustration for the cover of Colin West’s book Monty’s Ups and Downs, together with a signed hardback of the book.

DETAILS: The image is approx 6″x8.5″ and is pen and ink with watercolour.

BIO: Colin West studied Illustration at the Royal College of Art from 1972 to 1975 and his first book was published a year after he graduated. He has worked for many major publishers, some of his most popular titles such as “Have You Seen the Crocodile?” being published by Walker Books. He created Monty the Dog Who Wears Glasses for A & C Black, and the character was turned into a cartoon series for the BBC. He also writes funny poems and a selection, The Big Book of Nonsense was published in 2001.

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  1. Rachel Clowes

    £20 to begin 🙂

  2. £25 to begin
    – Colin is so lovely and that’s a great picture

  3. Gee, thanks, Rachel and Anne! Think I’ll give it one more plug on Twitter now …

  4. Rose Appleby

    £35! Go Colin! 🙂

  5. £40, yep a great picture!

  6. Nick Sayers

    £50, we have a dog called Monty who has many ups and downs!

  7. Martin Evans

    £55 I think it’s lovely

  8. Thanks, Martin! (And everyone else who’s put in a bid). Not long to go now …

  9. Annie Everall

    £60 it is really fab

  10. Nick Sayers

    £75 – Monty made me do it

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