400: Painting from the title page of Song of the Golden Hare by Jackie Morris and a signed first edition of the book.

ITEM: A painting from the title page of Song of the Golden Hare by internationaly renowned, Carnegie/ Greenaway nominated artist and writer Jackie Morris, together with a signed first edition of the book.


DETAIL: This small* painting of a golden hare is from Song of the Golden Hare published in UK and USA by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books and was originally not offered for sale, until this auction. It is accompanied by a signed edition of the book, a one of a kind, with a black and white painting of a hare on the title page.

* The size of the image is 7 cms x 10cms approx


BIO: Jackie Morris is the author and illustrator of many books that masquerade as children’s books, because they contain pictures. She lives in a small house by the sea that is held together with the webs of spiders because she is more interested in painting and writing than in housework, though she does like to make bread. She shares the house with numerous dogs and cats and children that come and go ( usually her own).

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  1. malachydoyle


  2. Karin Hines


  3. I wasn’t going to sell this little one. Sometimes you feel like keeping a creature from a book. But this seemed like her moment to do some good out there in the world instead of sitting quiet in a draw.

  4. £40 from me. Lovely.

  5. I painted a small black and white hare on teh title page too so it is a very unique signature.

  6. Karin Hines


  7. Karin Hines

    I will be outbid for sure but Jackie, I know she will have a good home where she will be well loved. Hares always get that 🙂

  8. She’s got tiny specks of glitter in her pale gold fur. And I will throw in a set of the postcards from hare too, signed or unsigned, whatever people prefer.

  9. Jane Volker


  10. Claire Jepson


  11. Kate Seymour


  12. Alison J Glenday


  13. Ali Burnal


  14. This is a bit strange as there is a bid above for £250? From Alison J Glenday.

  15. Clare Starling


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  17. Debbie Geater


  18. Ok you lot, I think you should take a look at lot no: 425. Because if you bid enough I will make you soup, take you for a walk and do a small painting while you watch and entertain me, that you can take home.

  19. Nice try though Mr Doyle!

  20. Dorothy Hallam


  21. Andrew Doughty


  22. malachydoyle

    There’s already a £400 bid in, Dorothy

  23. I have already bid £400, Dorothy Hallam!! I don’t want to lose that special hare on a technicality. What happens in this situation, Jackie?

  24. Can someone bear to make their bid £401?
    Otherwise, if we have no more bids by 8pm then I think the first £400 bid gets it.

  25. However, I suspect there will be a lot of activity on this item leading up to 8pm….

  26. I’m a bit scared of 7.55 pm. Not sure your website will be able to cope! Oh, and Sarah, as yours is the first bid then if no one goes higher it will be yours. Have emailed Dorothy so don’t worry.

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