379: The first signed copy of Nicola Morgan’s new book, The Teenage Guide to Stress

nicola_morgan_publicity_photo-1ITEM: The  FIRST SIGNED COPY (with a message to certify this) of Nicola Morgan’s new book The Teenage Guide to Stress (published 2014) , posted anywhere in the world, as well as a signed copy of Blame My Brain AND one of Nicola’s very popular Help! Teenager in the House! tea-towels.

DETAILS: The huge popularity of her book on the teenage brain (Blame My Brain) and demand from schools, has led Nicola Morgan to write The Teenage Guide to Stress, to be published next summer by Walker Books. The Guide covers, in details, all the external stresses of adolescence, including: exams and schoolwork, fear of the future, peer pressure, relationships, cyber-bullying, sexual pressures, emotions – including sadness, anger and fear, anxiety and poor sleep patterns. And it shows young people relaxation and anti-stress strategies to last them a lifetime.

BIO:  Nicola Morgan is an award-winning author of nearly 100 books, including YA novels Wasted, Fleshmarket, Mondays are Red and The Passionflower Massacre, and the internationally renowned book on the teenage brain, Blame My Brain

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  1. Adrian Thompson

    £20 🙂

  2. PLUS an invitation to the launch party 🙂

  3. julia hodgkins


  4. Wow, thanks everyone! Good luck, Kit 🙂

  5. £60 – worth every penny with two teenagers in my house!

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