375: Original artwork by Emily Gravett

51iq-pmjxkL._SX385_ITEM: Original artwork from ‘Little Mouse’s Big Book of Beasts’ by Emily Gravett, together with a signed and personalised copy of the book.

The illustration measures 22cm wide x 23cm high.

BIO: Emily Gravett is twice winner of the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal and the Nestlé Children’s Book Prize Bronze Award for WOLVES and LITTLE MOUSE’S BIG BOOK OF FEARS. An author/illustrator of unique talent and tremendous skill, she has a host of critically acclaimed books to her name, including BLUE CHAMELEON, WOLF WON’T BITE! and AGAIN! Emily lives in Brighton with her partner and their daughter.

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  1. Can I begin by leaving a bid for £50. I do love Little Mouse.

  2. Lynda Graham

    And me! £60

  3. Lisa Beverley

    £75 bid

  4. Clare Alonzi

    Let’s make it £100.

  5. Lynda Graham

    I’ll bow out gracefully!

  6. Andrea Shepherd


  7. £120 such a lovely little mouse. And Emily used to live two fields away from me. Not in a field. Well, kind of. I love her work. Such wonderful drawings.

  8. Daniel Hahn

    Me me me! £150!

  9. I agree Jackie, it is such a lovely little mouse! I’d like to bid £170

  10. Dan Smith

    £180, as a present for a wife (who loves Emily Gravett) with a bump (whose nursery little mouse would adorn)!

  11. Daniel Hahn

    £200 (Tho’ I do feel mean trying to outbid the new nursery wall where the picture probably rightfully belongs…)

  12. Dan Smith

    £205 from me…

  13. Daniel Hahn

    £220. (Oh dear, this is getting dangerous.)

  14. £240. Let the nail-chewing begin…

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