371: Signed copy of Roisin Meaney’s novel Something in Common x 2

roisinITEM: Signed copy of Roisin Meaney’s latest novel Something in Common. Two available (for top two bidders).

DETAILS: When Helen and Sarah encounter one another on a bridge in January 1975, the experience is traumatic and disturbing for both of them. Little do they realise that their lives are to connect again, and often, over the years ahead…

BIO:  Despite having lived in Africa, London, Canada and San Francisco, Roisin Meaney is Irish through and through. In 1977 she entered a competition on the back of a cereal box and won a car. In 2001 she entered a ‘write a bestseller’ competition and won a two book publishing deal. Since then she’s had nine adult novels and two children’s books published, and she’s made the Irish top five fiction list three times (with one number one). Her books have been translated into several languages and two have been published in the US and Canada. She currently lives with a cat in the west of Ireland. In her spare time she tells stories to tots in her local library, gives writing workshops to anyone who’ll listen to her, and occasionally enjoys a pint of Guinness, washed down with a nice red wine.

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  1. HP

    Two signed copies for the top bidder? Or one each for the top two?:)

  2. Was thinking of one each for top two – but whatever people want to bid for, really.

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