363: Manuscript critique for two short stories suitable for publication in women’s magazines from Vivien Hampshire

ITEM: Manuscript critique for two short stories (max 4000 words each please) suitable for publication in women’s magazines.

BIO: Vivien Hampshire has been writing women’s magazine fiction for almost 20 years, with stories regularly appearing in Woman’s Weekly, My Weekly, The People’s Friend and other national magazines. She is also an experienced creative writing tutor whose story critiques are comprehensive, detailed and fair. If you are trying to enter the women’s mag market, lack the expertise or confidence to submit your work, or keeping getting rejections, then you can email two stories with details of their intended market, for a full and honest opinion and some helpful advice about getting your story up to standard and ready to submit.

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  1. Claire

    I’ll start the ball rolling… L10 (if there is no deadline)

  2. Viv Hampshire

    Thanks Claire. No time limit – within reason! If you don’t have stories ready yet, that’s fine.

  3. Mine aren’t quite ready but always wanted to break into magazines (and you come highly recommended) so

  4. Viv Hampshire

    Very generous! And thanks for the compliment.

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