350: Fourteen Write Environment day retreats

profile picITEM: Fourteen Write Environment day retreats running fortnightly between January and July 2014 in South Birmingham, organised by children’s authors and writing tutors, Juliet Clare Bell and Leila Rasheed.

DETAILS: Our day retreats (10am-4pm) in Moseley Exchange, Birmingham will run fortnightly from January on the following dates: JANUARY: Friday 17th, Wednesday 29th; FEBRUARY: Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 26th
MARCH: Thursday 13th, Wednesday 26th; APRIL: Wednesday 9th, Wednesday 30th
MAY: Wednesday 7th, Wednesday 21st; JUNE: Wednesday 4th, Wednesday 18th
JULY: Wednesday 2nd, Wednesday 16th (NB term time only).

Come and spend six hours in the company of other writers, where you will write without the usual distractions. Bring a laptop, paper and pen, wallpaper, whatever works for you –there’s plenty of room. The time is yours to pursue your own writing projects, but we will provide writing prompts/creative exercises for anyone who would like to make use of them, and also books on writing. Over lunch (it’s bring your own, in order to keep costs to a minimum), you can chat with other writers and we can discuss aspects of writing and publishing with you. There is NO internet connection. All writers welcome and illustrators, too.

So new, we haven’t even got the site up and running yet –but it’s all booked and we’re raring to go. (Usual price for all fourteen is £140.)

BIO: Juliet Clare Bell is the author of picture books, Don’t Panic, Annika! and The Kite Princess (translated into many languages and both shortlisted for the Crystal Kite, Europe) and early reader, Pirate Picnic, with a number of other books in the pipeline. She teaches courses on writing picture books and critiques picture books professionally. She jointly coordinates the Central West region for SCBWI British Isles and runs critique and other events for the SCBWI. Leila Rasheed is the author of many books for children from 7+ (the award-winning Chips, Beans and Limousines) up to young adult (At Somerton). She teaches on the Creative Writing MA at Warwick University, is a writing tutor, professional critiquer and mentor.

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  1. L25 (sorry I’m using my American keyboard and can’t be bothered to go turn on my proper British one, but that is 25 pounds to start the bidding off)

  2. Can you tell me if there are 14 places to auction or is there one place on a 14 person workshop? Ta!

  3. We are hosting day retreats in South Birmingham where you can come and write (or draw) without the usual distractions. They’re being held twice a month during term time so there are fourteen of them between January and July 2014. We’re offering one person a place on each of the fourteen day-long retreats. It’s South Birmingham so you’ll probably want to be reasonably close! Thank you!

  4. I’d love to do this, but unfortunately weekdays are no good due to teaching commitments. Really disappointed!! Hope you raise loads though.

  5. Liz Barry

    I’m still not sure I’m getting this – are we bidding for a place at one session, or one place at each of the 14 workshops? In any case, I’d like to bid for a place at the Friday 17th Jan session for my sister – it’s the only one she could possibly make but she’d get a huge amount out of it. I’m bidding £40 to start with, anyway. But don’t know if it works like this. Great idea/ scheme for a good cause, whichever way! Good luck.

  6. Hi Liz. I’m sorry it’s not clearer! If you win the bid for your sister, for that £40, she would be able to attend every single one of those fourteen sessions. Each session lasts for six hours and is a writing retreat where people get on and write in a communal environment, stopping for lunch where we can discuss whatever people want to discuss. There’ll be writing prompts for those who’d like them but otherwise people can just write. If she genuinely cannot come to any other session then I’ll arrange childcare around it and can stay on with her for a while afterwards to chat about anything she’d like to talk about one-to-one.
    Thanks for bidding!
    All the best, Clare.

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  8. Oh I’d love to do this but it’s 2 hours on the train away so too far. But what a brilliant thing to do. 😉

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