348: Character name in crime writer Rebecca Muddiman’s next book. Plus a signed copy of her novel, Stolen.

rebecca-muddimanITEM: A character named after you in Rebecca Muddiman’s third book due to be released in 2016. Plus you can choose to be a goodie or a baddie. And as that’s quite a long time to wait, I’ll also throw in a signed copy of my first novel, Stolen.

BIO: Rebecca Muddiman won the Northern Crime Award in 2012 for her debut novel, Stolen. She lives in the North-East and her series of crime novels starring DI Michael Gardner are based in the north too. She is currently editing her second book and plotting wicked things for the third.

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  1. let’s get it started with £15

  2. Thomas Schloss

    I’ll have a go at £20!

  3. Thanks for your bids Jurgen and Thomas! Both excellent names for a character!

  4. Stephen Morris

    I will make a late-ish bid of £25. It’ll make a great Christmas gift for somebody!

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