342: Character name in Scott K Andrews’ TimeBomb YA series

scott_andrews_head_shot_iITEM: Character name in TimeBomb YA series

DETAILS:I will name a character in my TimeBomb Young Adult series after you or your nominated recipient. The last time I auctioned a character name for charity, the named character ended up in multiple books, but I can’t guarantee that will happen again – I make no promises as to how long your character will survive, or whether they will be nice or nasty!

BIO: Scott K. Andrews writes novels, short stories and audio plays.He is the author of three novels in Abaddon’s Afterblight Chronicles seriesSchool’s Out, Operation Motherland and Childrens’ Crusade – which follow the adventures of a group of schoolchildren trying to rebuild society after a viral apocalypse. An omnibus of the trilogy was released as School’s Out Forever. School’s Out is currently being developed for the big screen by Multistory Films.He has written a Stargate Atlantis audio drama for Big Finish Productions, and was lead writer on the second season of their Highlander audio dramas, writing three of the four plays in the Four Horsemen box set.He has contributed stories to two Pandemonium Fiction anthologies and one Doctor Who collection.He was the lead writer on Rebellion’s Sniper Elite: V2 computer game, and wrote a tie-in novella, Target: Hitler, to accompany it.He has written comics for Marvel and Caliber, episode guide books on Dawson’s Creek and Farscape for Virgin Books, and reviews and feature articles for Starburst, TV Zone and Film Review magazines. He currently writes the weekly Farscape re-watch blog for tor.com.

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