324: Signed first edition of KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Paris, France

catITEM: a First Edition of KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Paris, France signed by author Shannon Jones and illustrator Casey Ubelski.

DETAILS: KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Paris, France is the first book in the KeeKee’s Big Adventures Series! KeeKee is the adventurous calico kitty who travels the world in her hot air balloon. Her first stop? Ooh là là! It’s Paris, France!

Join KeeKee as she explores the sights, sounds, and—yum yum!—tastes of this beautiful and historic city. Young readers will share KeeKee’s delight as she makes new friends, discovers exciting places, and immerses herself in the fascinating French culture. And, they’ll have fun with the kid-friendly pronunciation guide and glossary in the back of the book, along with a unique and charmingly illustrated map of Paris.

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  1. Starting this with £10. Looks really cute.

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