321: A compete signed set of The Slightly Jones Mysteries by Joan Lennon

71OeolUv+8L._SL1170_ITEMS: A compete signed set of The Slightly Jones Mysteries by Joan Lennon – The Case of the London Dragonfish, The Case of the Glasgow Ghoul, The Case of the Cambridge Mummy, and The Case of the Hidden City.

DETAILS: Follow Slightly Jones’ adventures as she solves crimes, braves mad scientists, unravels Egyptian mummies and gets lost in the dark, deep underground. This Victorian detective series is great for readers aged 8 to 12.

BIO: Joan Lennon lives and writes in the Kingdom of Fife. The Kingdom is said to shaped like a dog’s head. If this is so, her flat is somewhere on the tip of the ear, which explains a lot. She has four tall sons and one short cat and plans to go on writing books forever.

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  1. £25 from me to start the bidding 🙂

  2. Julia Hodgkins

    £30 from me

  3. Hey Paperdragon and Julia – this is great! Thanks for bidding! Now, who’s next?

  4. Hazel and another Julia – this is SO EXCITING! Thank you for bidding!

  5. julia hodgkins


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