320: Be a creature in Tom Pollock’s final Skyscraper throne novel.

Phillipines picITEM: Be a creature in Tom Pollock’s final Skyscraper throne novel.

DETAIL: “I’ll create a brand new creature for the final Skyscraper throne novel, Our Lady of The Streets, to add to the glass skinned streetlamp dancers, runaway train-ghosts and scaffolding wolves that already populate it. What’s more, I’ll name it after you (possibly with a tweak or two, to make it blend in). I will, of course, also send you a signed and dedicated copy of the final edition when it’s printed, so you can revel in your monstrousness, plus signed copies of the first two books in the trilogy so you can work out what the hell’s going on.”

BIO: Tom Pollock is a London based writer of The Skyscraper Throne, urban fantasy novels, described by critics as ‘Vivid, inventive and truly weird.’ Which he’ll take, whether they’re referring to the books, or him.

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  1. Bev Humphrey

    £15.00 – love these books!

  2. James Dawson


  3. Fiona Temple

    £100 Read the first two books Tom, loved them, good luck with this.

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