276: Signed copies of Humphrey Hawksley’s future history thrillers

ITEM: Signed copies of future history thrillers by author and journalist Humphrey Hawksley.


Dragon Strike, Dragonfire, The Third World War by Humphrey Hawksley


A cloud of war hangs over the South China Sea. China has been testing the resolve of the region to its limits. The focus is a sprawl of barren islands claimed by Beijing and many other governments. Until now, there have been military and diplomatic stand-offs. Then, without notice, China launches a surprise attack on its historical enemy, Vietnam and lands troops on the disputed Paracel and Spratly island groups. Suddenly, East Asia erupts. Western governments react and the world comes to the brink of war.

DRAGON STRIKE, THE MILLENIUM WAR is a factual thriller examining the global impact of a hostile China. Since publication it has become a substantive point of debate at the highest level of global policy making.

A lone Antonov-32 transport aircraft flies through dawn light over the Himalayas and approaches the Tibetan capital Lhasa. Far to the west, Pakistani multi-role combat aircraft roar across the Line-of-Control in Kashmir. DRAGONFIRE explores the three-edged war so dreaded in Asia.

THE THIRD WORLD WAR tells the story of four world leaders pitted against the raw power of failing states. A Russian president who needs to rein in his ambitious generals; an Indian prime minister experienced in the lethal consequences of the wrong decision; a Chinese president faced with competing forces within his country; and, in the White House, a man who tries to make peace with those who only want catastrophe.

The opening stages of the Third World War are more confusing and terrible than those in any war in history. A terror attack on the Indian parliament kills hundreds. Hours later a North Korean missile hits a US military base in Japan. As the next few days unfold, those once counted as allies become enemies, and the comfortable lives of citizens in modern societies verge of physical and emotional collapse.

Ultimately, four men pitted against each other because of events they fail to control.

Humphrey HawksleyBIO: Humphrey Hawksley’s face and voice are known to millions through his books and broadcasts. His work as a BBC foreign correspondent has taken him all over the world, and since Nine Eleven he has been reporting extensively on Islamic terror and intelligence issues from the United States, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. Earlier, he was expelled from Sri Lanka for his uncompromising coverage on the Tamil separatist war, reported from the Philippines for NPR and opened the BBC’s first television bureau in China. He has been a contributor to ABC, CBS. NBC, the Financial Times, the International Herald Tribune and Yale Global online magazine. He divides his time between reporting assignments, London and Suffolk on Britain’s east coast, where he was born and raised, and is the wild and desolate setting for much Security Breach.


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