305: Three signed books from children’s author Anna Wilson

ImAChickenGetMeOut2013ITEM: Three signed children’s books by Anna Wilson.

DETAILS: I’m A Chicken, Get Me Out of Here!, Kitten Kaboodle, and The Dotty Dalmatian.

I’m A Chicken, Get Me Out of Here!: Titch the chicken is trapped. She arrived at Wilf’s house by mistake when one of Mum’s internet orders went wrong (again). Noe she is desperate to GET OUT OF THERE! There’s a dopey dog to deal with and a very snooty cat – and, worse, Wilf has made her share a room with Brian an EXTREMELY fussy guinea pig. Titch is no birdbrain and plot sot escape. But when the other pets are put in danger, Titch realises she has to stay and help her new friends . . .

KittenKaboodle2009Kitten Kaboodle: Lonely Bertie has only ever wanted one thing – a pet – but her grumpy dad won’t even let her have a goldfish. So she secretly sets up her own pet-sitting service -and meets Kaboodle, a tiny kitten with a big personality who lives just across the road.

PoochParlour2DottyDalmatian2012The Dotty Dalmatian: Mrs Fudge has hired a cool new assistant to help out in the Pooch Pampering Parlour, and she is an instant hit with all the dogs. But Pippa Peppercorn is not so sure. There’s something strange about the new girl. Meanwhile a mysterious spotty dog is causing havoc around town . . . will Pippa and Dash the dachshund save the day?

BIO: Anna Wilson has written picture books, short stories, poems and young fiction series including Nina Fairy Ballerina; the Puppy books: Puppy Love; Pup Idol; Puppy Power and Puppy Party, and the Kitten titles: Kitten Kaboodle; Kitten Smitten; Kitten Cupid and Kitten Chaos. This last title was a World Book Day book in 2010. A further title, Monkey Business, was shortlisted for the 2012 Hull Libraries Award.

Anna’s latest series for young readers is called The Pooch Parlour, the first title of which, The Poodle Problem, was published in February 2012 and was chosen as a Richard and Judy Book Club book. Other titles in the series are The Dotty Dalmatian and The Smug Pug.

Her latest stand alone title, just published, is entitled I’m A Chicken, Get Me Out of Here! You can find Anna on the web at www.annawilson.co.uk


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