290: Write My Child a Story by author Cliff McNish

with handITEM: This would be a personal story written exclusively for and dedicated specifically to a child of your choice by author Cliff McNish, with one full colour illustration by artist Trish Phillips. Please let me know the name and age of your child and Cliff and Trish will provide something appropriate to that age group that will belong thereafter to that child and never be used or distributed elsewhere. A unique gift.

BIO: Cliff McNish was described by the The Times in 2010 as ‘one of our most talented thriller writers.’ He is the author of several prize-winning books for children and young adults, and his novels have sold in over twenty languages around the world.

His website can be found at http://www.cliffmcnish.com

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  1. Lynn Kelly

    I would like the book for my grandchild Lewis who was diagnosed with. leukaemia in march. Seeing Lewis having an exciting adventure again, even if is only on paper would be brilliant. £200

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  3. Hi Lynn. Just so you know, I’ll definitely get Lewis an original story at your very generous £200 price, even if a higher bid comes in. Just contact me via my website to let me know a little more about him and his circumstances when you have a moment.


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