289: A critique of your novel over lunch in Soho with a Curtis Brown literary agent and her assistant.

IMG_4414ITEM: A critique of your novel over lunch in Soho with a Curtis Brown literary agent and her assistant.

DETAIL: Please send us your manuscript and synopsis by email beforehand.

BIOS: Karolina Sutton is a literary agent at Curtis Brown, and represents award-winning debut novelists, internationally renowned writers of quality non-fiction and popular fiction bestsellers. Norah Perkins joined Curtis Brown from Canongate Books earlier this year to assist Karolina in the Book Department.

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  1. Christina

    I’ll start the bidding at £50

  2. I would like to bid £200. Now, what happens next?

  3. liz310300

    I would like to bid £200

  4. liz310300

    I’ll up it to £250

  5. Ali Thurm

    Let’s make it a round number… £500

  6. Well, then i shall crawl to £507

  7. Norah Perkins

    Thanks so much for the amazing bids! Just a few hours left . . .

  8. Luke

    I’ll bid £525

  9. Blimey! Don’t think i can follow that. Great cause, great offer.

  10. Ali Thurm

    £530, if I’m not too late . . . What time does the auction finish?

  11. debfly

    How soon would we have to have our MS ready? Would it need to be ready immediately? If not, can you suggest a timescale for this offer, please?

  12. HT

    Definitely. Sorry…

  13. HT

    Hope I’m fat and vocal enough…

    • haahahah HT, you have a fat pocket book, and you sing a good tune for charity. Bless you. To Karolina and Norah: Hope to meet you both one day! Well done for offering such a tempting package! Have fun…happy reading, and happy writing to you all.

  14. Ali Thurm

    Hope your lunch is fun!! Ali

  15. HT

    Very nicely put. We will see what happens!

  16. Paul Greefield


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