282: Two cookery books by Fiona Bird

ITEM: Two cookery books by Fiona Bird

bookDETAIL: In The Forager’s Kitchen, expert forager and cook Fiona Bird shares the knowledge she has gained from years of gathering food from the land. Whether you live in a large city, in open countryside or by the coast, if you open your eyes and follow Fiona’s advice, you will find more ingredients growing in the wild than you could imagine. And once you have brought your bounty home, there are more than 100 recipes for you to try. If you love baking, try the carrot and clover cake, wild hazelnut shortbread or sea lettuce madeleines. Make the most of a hedgerow glut by making honeysuckle jelly or quince and wild thyme sorbet. Try a food-for-free main course of chanterelle puffs or wild mussels steamed with dandelions, or a quick snack of garlic mustard, chickweed and tomato bruschetta. Or indulge your tastebuds with wild berry and herb marshmallows or a wild cherry panna cotta. The Forager’s Kitchen will change the way you cook – rather than shopping in the aisles of your grocery store, head off to the great outdoors and you will be amazed by the sheer quantity of food that available for free.

kids_372Kids’ Kitchen: 40 Fun and Healthy Recipes to Make and Share – Step into the kitchen for some child-friendly fun with food. The forty recipes in this colourful deck are based around the five main food groups, and offer a healthy and exciting way to learn about cooking. Ages 8 and up.

BIO: Fiona is the author of Kids’ Kitchen (Barefoot Books 2009) and the Forager’s Kitchen (Cico Books 2013) and is now writing a book about seaweed (Prospect Books). Fiona is a former BBC Masterchef and in gardening season, creates recipes for Tern Televsion. She lives on the Outer Hebridean Isle of South Uist and is married to the Island doctor. Fiona is mother of six children (mostly are boys) and is usually found: foraging, on a bike, swimming in clear Hebridean waters with seals and the Island doctor (in a wetsuit obviously). reading, rushing to the Kirk or in her kitchen. She considers herself a fortunate woman


  1. £25! These books look wonderful.

  2. julia

    £30 they do sound wonderful

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