277: A character named after you in S.C. Ransom’s new novel, out in 2014

S. C. RansomITEM: A character named after you in a novel out in 2014 by S.C. Ransom, author of the Small Blue Thing.

BIO: Sue Ransom, the author of Small Blue Thing, Perfectly Reflected, and Scattering Like Light, is a senior headhunter, but on the way to work and in the evenings she’s a writer: she wrote Small Blue Thing, her debut novel, as a birthday present for her daughter, and she composed it mostly on her BlackBerry. Serendipity led her to Nosy Crow, and she’s since completed the trilogy. She’s now busy finishing off her next project. She lives with her husband and two teenage children in Surrey.


About Candy Gourlay

Candy Gourlay is a Filipino author living in London. She was a journalist writing about dictators in the Third World before she took up a full time position battling dictators of the nappy-clad variety. She inadvertently became a web designer while avoiding doing the dishes. She takes procrastination to new levels by blogging, drawing and making YouTube videos for fun. Her debut novel Tall Story was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and shortlisted for eleven children’s book prizes including the Blue Peter prize. It won the Crystal Kite Children’s Book Prize for Europe. Her latest book is called Shine. www.candygourlay.com


  1. Maya

    Really good idea. I like Sue Ransom like she’s the best author I’ve ever seen.
    I love Small Blue Thing and its characters and I’m hoping to read more from her.


  2. Ooh I’d love this to be me!!! £20

  3. Actually plan to give this to a friend if I win – hope that’s okay!

  4. Lizzie Wakefield

    brilliant idea! I bid £30

  5. Thamiena

    I’d really love to be in aunt Sue’s new book because I think it’s a wonderful idea of bring in the reads itself into the story, it creates a broader imagination.
    I really loved the trilogy of small blue thing, it made me open into this whole new world, the world of dirges, love, loss and memory!
    Hope all goes well 🙂

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