274: Two places at a literary lunch plus gift bags full of advance copies of 2014 releases

photo (2)ITEM: Two places at a literary lunch in North London for you and a friend, sometime in spring 2014 (date to be decided with you). Two goodie bags packed full of advance copies of the hottest new releases in 2014 – some will be signed.

DETAILS: Join our friendly group of writers and editors at one of our regular lunches to share gossip and talk books.  Eat and drink at our expense and leave with a bag full of hard-to get proof copies of novels that won’t be on sale for months.

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I write YA novels, I'm a journalist and I'm having a go at writing a musical.


  1. That sounds like fun!
    I’ll start off with £20

  2. Louise Reid

    I’ll bid £30

  3. Julia

    Fun and different.
    I’ll double you – £40.

  4. How flexible would the date be? (I’m bidding from abroad and usually come to UK for RNA summer party) 🙂

  5. Hi April. We’d try to be as flexible as possible. If you know your dates this far in advance, I’m sure we can come up with something to suit. Whoever wins, we just want them to have a wonderful time.

  6. Sounds a fab day out – £60.

  7. £65 – love a goddie bag 🙂

  8. Thank you so much everyone – it’s so generous of you.


  9. I suppose it would also be possible for two of you to combine forces and come together instead of bringing a friend!

  10. 125 (don’t have a pound sign on my laptop!)

  11. Gordon Bennett!

  12. If Gordon Bennett’s coming I definitely want to be there …

  13. Can I bid 140 for 1 place if someone else will bid 140 for the other?

  14. Anyone up for it? Fab idea.

  15. Hello there, lovely idea.
    I’m afraid I can’t as a friend is chipping in and I can only get up to £160 for the two of us, so will bow out at this point 🙂 VG for the auction if you can get 2 bids so hope this will work 🙂
    Ms H, hope to catch up with soon anyway! xx

  16. No, AJ, don’t bow out! At the moment top bid is £140 (£20 lower than your budget). April’s idea is fab – but only if someone’s up for it!

  17. april99hardy

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to confuse things. Should I take my bid out and come back again on Wednesday?

  18. 160 is fine – you are top bid right now April. It’s fine to pair up to make a bid, but we can’t have bids for one place only, you need to pair up (on here is fine) and then make a joint bid. You’ve got until Wednesday to sort it all out! (it’s even worse on the ‘night in the pub’ item – they’re forming cartels and bidding for the pork scratchings!)

  19. They’re getting pork scratchings??? Now that changes everything…..!!

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  21. april99hardy

    Anyone interested in the other ticket for 140? If not, please keep bidding for the two tickets – I feel as if I’ve put a spanner in the works …

  22. I’ll bid £161 to clarify we’re still pottering on with the two tickets idea and for now this is the top bid on this basis.

    It’s like Antiques In The Attic gone digital…where’s a posh bloke in a bow tie?!

  23. april99hardy

    I’ll bet he’s joining a cartel and combing his moustache, ready for the ‘night in the pub’!

  24. jacpye

    I’d like to bid for April’s ‘other’ place – £140 again.

  25. OK, so the bid to beat here is April99hardy plus jacpye combining to bid £280. Any advance on £280?

  26. Not from here I’m afraid, but pleased to have been part of the bidding 🙂 Hope you all have a very jolly lunch!

  27. If my bid ‘wins’ – hope vegetarian won’t be a problem!

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