263: School visit from Mark Robson plus complete set of his novels for your school library

downloadITEM: School visit from Mark Robson plus complete set of his novels for your school library

DETAIL: Mark Robson, author of The Darkweaver Legacy series, The Imperial Trilogy, The Dragon Orb series and The Devil’s Triangle series will visit any primary or secondary school within a 3 hour drive of Daventry (if you don’t know where that is then stick a pin in the middle of England and you won’t be far away!). Date to be mutually agreed between author and school.

Up to 3 sessions of talks or workshops for children between Y4 and Y13. One of the sessions can be staff training on inspiring/developing creative writing in KS2/3 if you wish, or a publishing workshop for Y8 or older. Author will travel at own expense and cover any overnight accommodation required. A wide variety of different workshops to choose from.

Additionally offered a complete signed set of all 13 of his novels for your school library (retail price over £90).

BIO: Mark spent over 20 years as a pilot in the RAF. He is well known as a motivational speaker, and has visited a staggering number of schools during the past 14 years inspiring boys and girls with their reading and writing. His books feature: magicians, battles, spies, assassins, murder, demons, dragons, World War I, the Bermuda Triangle, dinosaurs, strange technology and unlikely heroes. He has been short-listed for several book awards.

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  1. Adrian Thompson

    £100 🙂

  2. Thanks for your bids. Much appreciated. 🙂

  3. Biddling is still open until Wednesday – looks like Jean is going to get a steal at the moment! 🙂

  4. Maddi Heinrich

    Google says you’re 3hrs 12mins from us – can you drive fast?! If Dorchester, Dorset is a stretch too far then please disregard our bid but Thomas Hardye School would like to try a bid of £225.

  5. Fair enough, Maddi. I’ll live with that.

  6. Jean Allen

    I’ll bid £250!

  7. Thanks, Jean! 🙂

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