262: Pitch a new theatre musical to Alexia Casale

0806_7341cropITEM: Pitch me a new theatre musical any time between now and 1 April 2014 and get detailed feedback from someone with over a decade of experience advising Broadway and West End producers. I’ll read a cover letter, synopsis, up to 30 pages of script and listen to up to 10 songs (max. 45 mins) and then provide feedback by email within 1 month tops. I can’t promise to recommend the winning pitch to a producer, but there’s always the possibility that I’ll offer. An unusual present for the budding composers and lyricists in your life – or even a school music department or club!

BIO: Thanks to her debut novel, YA psychological thriller The Bone Dragon, Alexia’s now having an amazing time being a proper, official, professional writer and going to lots of wonderful events and book festivals. She also does a wide range of consulting, teaching and editing work, including non-fiction human rights editing, story-doctoring/mentoring on novels and family autobiographies, and creative consulting on new musicals for Broadway and the West End. If you’ve got a question, find her at http://www.alexiacasale.com or on Twitter (@AlexiaCasale).

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  2. Ooooo… exciting! Thanks so much for bidding for this great cause! 🙂

  3. ellielevenson


  4. ellielevenson

    £55 – forgot to tick the box for notifications so doing this again

  5. helbon

    This is worth so much more. Putting my bid up to£80 x

  6. ellielevenson


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