260: Be a ‘halfman’ in Melvin Burgess’s next book.

IMG_5871ITEM: A character name in Melvin Burgess’s next book.

DETAIL: “Fancy making an appearance in my next book as a halfman – a genetically modified creature, part you and part the animal of your choice? I may baulk at anything really silly like an aardvark or an amoeba, for instance – I’m not planning on a comedy – but wildlife in general, pets and so on, are all on the agenda. It may or may not be a long life but in case of an early demise, I promise to take into account your death of choice.” – Melvin Burgess

BIO: Melvin Burgess writes books for teenagers. His work as been widely adapted and he has won some prizes.

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  2. B Pendrigh

    £50 fabulous auction site

  3. Superherogirl

    £60 to be a female Minotaur with a bloody death!

  4. A transsexual halfman, Superherogirl? Now that’s a challenge!

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