251: Signed collection of Lucinda Riley books

2013 PR photoITEM: Signed collection of Lucinda Riley books: ‘Hothouse Flower’, ‘The Girl on the Cliff’, ‘The Light Behind the Window’ and her new novel, ‘The Midnight Rose’.

BIO: Lucinda Riley was born in Ireland and wrote her first book aged 24. Her novel ‘The Orchid House’ (also called ‘Hothouse Flower’) was selected for the UK’s Richard and Judy Bookclub in 2011 and went on to sell over 2 million copies worldwide and become a New York Times Bestseller. Her second novel, ‘The Girl on the Cliff’, also made it onto The New York Times Bestseller list, in its first week, and her latest book, ‘The Lavender Garden’ (also called ‘The Light Behind the Window’) topped the German bestseller list for nine weeks.

‘The Midnight Rose’ is to be published in most markets of the world in early 2014.

Lucinda’s books are translated into 22 languages and published in 36 countries. She lives with her husband and four children on the North Norfolk coast in England and in the South of France.

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