247: Hand-drawn line art from Pigsticks and Harold by Alex Milway

ITEM: Hand-drawn line art from Pigsticks and Harold by Alex Milway (It pretty much fills an A4 piece of paper, and is drawn in ink.)

harold-family artwork

DETAIL: The first two books in the Pigsticks and Harold series come out in 2014, both in the UK and the US (Walker/Candlewick). There’s currently a TV series in development with JAM media (famed for Tilly and Friends, Roy, Baby Jake and others,) and this piece was created for that pitch. You can see the trailer here: http://www.jammedia.ie/shows/pigsticks/ For more Pigsticks and Harold art, check out http://www.alexmilway.com

BIO: This will be my third series of books, after the Mousehunter Trilogy and The Mythical 9th Division books. I’ve included a cover for book 1 – The Incredible Journey. It’s a drawing that’s very close to my heart, as I love little Harold as though he were a member of my family!

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  1. B Pendrigh

    Love this £30

  2. Hannah Love

    £40 🙂

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