235: Manuscript critique by Jo Dingley, Assistant Editor at Canongate Books.

Jo DingleyITEM: Manuscript critique by Jo Dingley, Assistant Editor at Canongate Books.

DETAIL: I will send you a structural edit of your manuscript, a critique of your pitch or synopsis, and a selection of Canongate books in time for Christmas.

BIO: I am Assistant Editor at Canongate Books, working mostly on fiction. My authors include, Anne Donovan, Ismail Kadare, Chris Killen and Andrew McConnell Stott.

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  1. if the critique could be – “once finished” (aim is summer next year & a deadline may actually be useful!) then this is great

  2. julie-ann corrigan


  3. Jo Dingley

    Thanks everyone! Keep bidding!

  4. Lesley Walker

    £120. :))

  5. Jo, would you provide a critique on YA manuscript?

  6. Jo Dingley

    Yes, certainly. I don’t have a background in editing poetry but will happily critique anything else. My area of specialism is literary fiction, so this edit might be most beneficial for those writing in that area.

  7. Thanks for your response, Jo!

    130 GB

  8. John Taylor

    £150 You’re making a fabulous offer, Jo 🙂

  9. Kerry

    Sounds great £200

  10. Hi Jo, would you accept part of a short story collection & synopsis?

  11. Jo Dingley

    Yes, absolutely.

  12. Is there a time limit on the editing offer or can we send the MS once it’s ready, say within the next six months? Thanks.

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  14. Jo Dingley

    Within the next 6 months would be fine.

  15. Kristin

    Amazing Thanks for offering this, Jo! £250

  16. Colly Browne

    £280 …

  17. John Taylor

    £290 Thank you for being so generous with your time, Jo.

  18. John Taylor

    🙂 Colly… I thought you were following me (@JohnUnworded if you reeeeealy must!)

  19. julie-ann corrigan

    A little last minute, Jo, but would a psychological crime thriller not be something you’d be happy critique?

  20. Jo Dingley

    With the exceptions of poetry and books for very young children I would be happy to critique any works of fiction. I do have some experience with narrative non-fiction, biographies and memoir, but I work primarily with fiction.

  21. julie-ann corrigan

    Thank you, Jo.

  22. John Taylor


  23. John Taylor

    Aw shucks, make it £400

  24. John Taylor


  25. Victoria J


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