231: Signed copies of books by Che Golden

ITEM: Signed copies of The Feral Child, The Unicorn Hunter and Mulberry and the Summer Show by Che Golden. PLEASE BID FOR INDIVIDUAL BOOKS.

The Feral Child, The Unicorn Hunter, Mulberry by Che Golden


Her parents dead, Maddy is sick of living in Ireland, sick of Blarney and sick of her cousin Danny, one of the nastiest people you could meet this side of an Asbo. Mad as hell one evening, she crawls inside the grounds of the castle, the one place she has always been forbidden to go. Once inside, she is chased by a strange feral boy, who she suspects is one of the faerie: cruel, fantastical people who live among humans and exchange local children for their own. When the boy returns to steal her neighbour Stephen into his world, Maddy and her cousins set off on a terrifying journey into a magical wilderness, determined to bring him back home. To do so, they must face an evil as old as the earth itself… Che Golden has created a dashing adventure that interweaves Maddy’s life in modern-day Ireland with a scintillating magical world.

The adults of Blarney have always lived in fear. The faeries of Tír na nÓg exist on their doorstep, and they could unleash terror on the mortal realm at any time. But eleven-year-old Maddy is not afraid. The unicorn that holds the key to balance and peace in both worlds is injured, and Maddy knows she is the only one who can track down whoever hurt her. Can Maddy survive the force and cunning of the Tuatha, who rule Tír na nÓg? Or will she end up a mere pawn in their own power games?

Sam is pony-mad and dreams of being a brilliant rider. But her nerves often get the better of her, even when she discovers that she can actually talk to horses.

Mulberry is a beautiful black pony, but she’s so grumpy no one wants to ride her. Except for Sam . . . Can Sam conquer her fear of falling off and ride Mulberry to victory in the Meadow Vale Summer Show? Or will Mulberry’s bad behaviour ruin everything for them both? The story is beautifully illustrated throughout by Thomas Docherty, who was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal, and comes with fun horse facts in the back as well as free stickers – the perfect package for pony-mad girls everywhere!

BIO: Che Golden has led a typical second-generation Irish life, spending most of her childhood shuttling backwards and forwards between London and Blarney, Co Cork, where her mother comes from. Her father is a Scottish protestant, which starts some really good fights in their home.

After graduating from Brunel University, she moved to Dublin where she worked in IT journalism, first as a senior reporter and then as publisher and editor of the ezine IT MONDAY. After ten years in this field she was feeling a little burned out and bored and knew that she needed to fulfil her true ambition to become a writer.

She moved to Bath, and enrolled in the Masters course in Creative Writing for Young People at the University. and soon after graduating in 2010, was offered a contract by Quercus for her trilogy, which draws on Irish mythology and faerie tales. The first novel, THE FERAL CHILD has been longlisted for the Branford Boase Award 2013. The second book in the trilogy, THE UNICORN HUNTER is out now, with THE RAVEN QUEEN to follow in 2014.

Apart from writing, Che’s other passion is horses, which she shares with her two young daughters. They own Charlie Brown, a 10-year-old Dartmoor x, and Robbie, a Highland pony: both characters in their own right that she is sure will feature in future books.

MULBERRY AND THE SUMMER SHOW is the first book in a new series by Che for younger readers published by Oxford University Press. The series focuses on the adventures of ponies and their riders at a local riding stable. The second book, MULBERRY FOR SALE will be published in January 2014, with MULBERRY TO THE RESCUE to follow.

About Candy Gourlay

Growing up in the Philippines, Candy Gourlay wondered why all the books she'd ever loved didn't resemble her steamy, tropical home in Manila. As a result, it took her years to fulfil her dream of becoming an author – and years to learn that Filipino stories, too, belong in the pages of books. Her latest novel is BONE TALK, set in 1899 and told from the point of view of a boy from a headhunting village during the US invasion of the Philippines. She has just published her first picture book, IS IT A MERMAID – about a dugong who thinks she's a mermaid. Candy's other novels, TALL STORY and SHINE, have been listed for many prizes in the United Kingdom such as the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children's Book Prize. Both novels won the Crystal Kite Prize for Europe and Tall Story was awarded the National Children's Book Award in the Philippines.


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    This is a fantastic book, I already have a copy and gifted it to my friend’s children. Money to charity & a great book, can’t go wrong!

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