228: Lunch with Barry Walsh, author of The Pimlico Kid

photo-3ITEM: Lunch with Barry Walsh, author of The Pimlico Kid, in Pimlico’s oldest and best bistro, copy of the book and (optional) brief walk around London’s finest village.

BIO: Londoner, late starter, Gooner, Francophile. I like listening to Neil Young and looking at Audrey Hepburn. Author of The Pimlico Kid (HarperCollins).

About K

YA writer. Voracious reader. Feminist. Home educator. Addicted to tea and Twitter.


  1. John Taylor

    £40 But @bjwalsh deserves better company than me.

  2. Mary Clarke

    £50 and why don’t we both go, John?

  3. How about we all meet and add our bids together? £60 I’m a teacher so can it be in school holidays?

  4. John Taylor

    Happy to add bids together, but i’m not often in London. Catch up with you sometime, BJW, even if we can’t find a date for all three. Make mine £60 as well.

  5. John Taylor

    If we do a joint one, I am, of course, expecting to pay my own bills, BJW. Otherwise, 200 people might want a share in this one.

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