224: Author Visit from H L Dennis, plus signed and dedicated copies of Secret Breakers series.

colour photo of HelenITEM: Author Visit from H L Dennis, plus signed and dedicated copies of Secret Breakers series.

DETAILS: H.L. Dennis, author of the Secret Breakers series will offer a visit to a school, (KS2 or KS3) Library or Bookshop. She will offer a one hour interactive assembly as well as a two coding or creative writing workshops, along with signed copies of all four of the published Secret Breakers stories and a promise to send on the final two books when published in 2014!

Date and time by mutual agreement. Anywhere in mainland UK. School must contribute towards travel or accommodation costs if over £50 please. (Helen is based in Eastbourne, East Sussex). For further details re workshops see Events Page on http://www.hldennis.com

ABOUT SECRET BREAKERS: The series is a modern adventure series aimed at readers aged 8+. A group of children and teenagers are selected and trained to break real codes and tackle real mysteries as they hope to make sense of the most mysterious code in the whole world! The Voynich Manuscript really exists and has baffled adults and remained un-read for over 500 years!

BIO: Helen Dennis worked for 20 years as a Teacher and Head of Literacy in the largest Junior School in Europe (which happens to be based in Eastbourne, East Sussex). The first book in the Secret Breakers series was published in 2012 and she spends her time now writing and visiting schools…and looking after the laziest dog in the world! She is married and has one seventeen year old daughter.

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    I will start the bidding at £30

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    I will raise that to £75

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